What to crochet with our new British Masham base.

Oh my goodness when i planned to write this post the world was all "normal" and we were out running about outside and touching things! Now we are all inside, permitted one exercise outside a day and generally tidying every cupboard we can find! So all you crocheters out there , lets get some inspiration for that stunning British Masham i have in stock.

picture of a womens torso wearing a rust orange crochet jumper with really defined stitches down the front. three is a light grey wall in the background there is a leafy rubber plant on the left
Image Property of Linda Skuja

Goldenrod Sweater by Linda Skuja

My favourite thing when looking for crochet patterns is finding a wee gem in amongst all the granny squares (no hate i love a granny square) Look at this jumper, i cant even figure it out, those smooshy pleats down the front, oh my god, im for sure putting this on the list, and when the mill opens again i will for sure be having one in gold.
women stood against a white background with hands in her cardigan pockets.  the cardigan is a grampa shape with some lace details. and it is a realy light brown

Candelaria Image property of Nomad Stitches

Candelaria by Nomad Stitches

 I am a cardigan girl, well mostly hoodies, however cardis are a strong second and i really love the style of this one, like a grampa style cardi with POCKETS HOLY SHEET POCKETS, another one on the to make list for sure. For wearability id probably do this in Static, but Eldritch is calling out to me, i mean you cant have too many purple cardigans right?

a women with  white skirt with red roses on it is looking to the left playing with her hands, wearing a beautiful light grey cardigan that has a really textured stitch pattern
Image property of Joanne Scrace

Alyssium Cardigan by Joanne Scrace

 AH my dudes the crochet project. Just go look at all their projects, i cant find one that i dont love. I often feel crochet gets left behind in comparison to all the knitting patterns out there, and these dudes are the first in the UK to my knowledge that has really been pushing it. The stitch pattern, its a cardi again. I think id deffo keep with a grey for this dude, but id love to see it in PRTH i really feel the stitch definition and the colours would be really good friends.

a women with a cheeky smille, standing in the middle of some moorlands wearing a grey and white checked dress. she is wearing a deep red shawl
Image property of Fay Dashper-Hughes

Drucilla Shawl by Fay Dashper-Hughes

 Lets start off with the nae of this shawl. Drucilla, im not sure if the designer is a fan of Buffy the Vampire slayer, but im going to pretend that that is the reason this shawl has that name. It just looks like a proper smushy shawl, fantastic size and would really show off the sheepyness of the yarn, which in turn would be EXCELLENT for stalking around graveyards at night! I clearly need a red in this yarn, but until i get around to it i think Lana obscura would look beaching.

a womens legs wearing a black skirt covered in stars against a stone wall background. holding a triangle shawl that has wedges of light blue and wedges of denim blue
Image Property of Kat Goldin

Double Denimby Kat Goldin

 Another crochet project baby. I have made one of these shawls and it is one of my top 3. Its such a perfect size, so cosy under a jacket and really fun to make. 10/10 would make again and thing you should too. I honestly think any two colours from the range would work well in this. GO WILD

very simple image of a grey crochet hat on a wooden dome.
Image property of handmade by SMINÉ

If Jessica Jones Hooked A Hat by handmade by SMINÉ

There was just something about the stitches in this hat that made me want to include it. I clearly need to dye up some pewter in the Masham as i think the grey in this hat is just perfect.

 a crochet hat that looks like its covered in seaweed on a wooden table with a cup of tea or coffee in an orange mug on the top right

image property of Mamachee

My heart skipped a beat when it saw this hat, i dont even understand how these stitches are done. Im always so happy when people are clever with crochet and this baby is one of those patterns. GIVE ME FIVE! Would it be a weird combo to do it in Light Dancer and Gold??


Do you have any pattern recommendations for our new Masham base? let me know in the comments or over on instagram @rustyferretyarn

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