Plans for an epic Totoro jumper.

a green totoro shape looks like a piece of cut out paper. across the chest is the text in white that says my neighbour totoro. he also has a pair of paper cutout eyes with a red umbrella being his nose. the umberella is being held by the black shapes of to girls
SO, I am off down to London in October to see Totoro the play! I cant even tell you how excited I am. I adore Miyazaki, and totoro is one of my favourite studio Ghibli films, next to Kiki's delivery service and Pom Poko .

I have decided I need a jumper to wear that is totoro themed , will I look like a huge nerd, yes, do I have a hundred WIPS already, yes, does it give me an excuse to buy yam, yes, will I need to design something myself, yes.

But I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna be the coolest chic in the place.
I did a wee search on Pinterest and Rav and honestly nothing was tickling my pickle, but let me show you my train of thought cause who doesn't love looking at knitting patterns.

None of these pictures will link to Ravelry.
a white knitted jumper laying flat on a white surfcae, the banding is black and the yoke consists on wee blue totoros
First up I adore the yoke on this cardi, and I know my friend Eloise used Kate Davies paper doll pattern to adapt and make something with a similar yoke. But honestly its just not what I'm after at the moment. Maybe in the future however.
the same cardigan side by side, front and back view, its a super chunky cardigan with grey sleeves that then has a big cat bus face on the back and on the front a wee totoro on one side of the zip and an acorn and a bat on the other. near the neck there are some leaf motifs
I adore this, and I will 100% be making something like this in the future, but its more sitting in a log cabin with a fire and hot chocolate, not off to the theatre. right?
a person wearing a cream long sleeve knitted jumper with the upper half of totoros face on the botton band
knitted bliss

I actually adore this jumper and its sitting at a close second, I think it would suit the style of clothes I wear and its subtle, I mean is a totoro head subtle? maybe simple is what I'm thinking.
a dark grey knitted jumper with a hood with a white semi circle belly and wee eyebrow shapes on the white in dark grey. a totoro belly

I was all set on the previous jumper until i saw this, and something in my wee heart went YES! not this exact jumper, but I'm going to use a cropped jumper pattern and put the totoro belly on the belly of the jumper.
And I know I was looking for something simple and subtle, but come on, it would look very cool.
a model wearing a below the knee knitted jumper that consitis of a blue sky and a giant tree in various greens with a totoro patch on the left breast area

Before I go on a dive for cropped jumper patterns, let me leave you with the above jumper that I did 100% consider trying to replicate. How insane would that be! but with all the, what looks like intarsia, and different textured yarn, I think it would take me too long. but maybe one day!

Anyhow, that’s what’s been swirling round my brain at the moment while I wait to get started on the inside of the dye shed.

I have made a wee pinterest board over on well pinterest. If you are that way inclined go give me a follow over there. I adore pinterest.

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