About Us

a rainbow of small balls of yarn starting from pink through to purple and all the colours inbetween 

Rusty Ferret is home to stunning hand dyed yarns.

 Created in the heart of Dundee, Rusty Ferret boasts a range of modern innovative colours inspired by space, science fiction and the beautiful world around us.

 Behind all things Rusty Ferret is LJ. Apart from dyeing all the colours and knitting all the things, LJ is driven by a passion for making a mess, trying new things and the need to always have a project.  

About LJ

 LJ came to Dundee with aspirations of the big city and a dream to work with psychopaths. After fighting with depression for several years LJ turned to knitting and crafting as a way of coping. Having acquired a Psychology degree she decided that more student life was what she wanted, and completed a second degree in Design and Creativity.

 From student life LJ opened Fluph, a woolly haven in Dundee. This started with yarns from other businesses. Before long LJ realised that the best way to get the colours she wanted was to dye them herself and Rusty Ferret was born. Fuelled by a love of Chinese food , tv shows, Stardew valley and her two spaniels. LJ always has a unique approach to putting colours together.


women stands with her back to the camera, a wooden structure to her right wearing the most fabulous Stephen west penguono

Rusty Ferrets Ethics

As a small business owner LJ knows how hard it can be out there in the wide world, and that's why going forward Rusty Ferret will start including more British bases. Not only do local supplies help with the economy, they help with climate change, they ensure the animals are looked after, and that everyone is paid fairly.

As an avid recycler LJ has been working on having as little business waste as possible. using recycled materials, recyclable materials and being very mindful of things like water consumption.  She will save the planet one hoarded sponge at a time. 


 Rusty Ferret yarn has partnered with amazing designers including

  • Anna Maltz
  • Maddie Harvey
  • Brixton Purl
  • Beverly Dott

 If you’re looking for yarn support for a design please get in touch or see our FAQ page.