two royal mail, bright red parcel collection boxes with stainless steel parcel holes. they are on the right of the photo close together, about a foot. you can see some pavement in front of them, green grass to the side and behind and there is a big grey royal mail building with a row of tiny windows along the middle, it takes up the whole back of the photo
Brexit and how Rusty Ferret will be shipping to the EU
So for along time we had no idea what brexit would mean for small businesses like Rusty Ferret and our EU customers. Now that we have some idea I wanted to explain how this will impact how we sell to our EU customers.
  • The UK left the EU with a Tariff free deal, and because our yarns are British or have been changed enough to be classed as British, there wont be any extra tariffs to pay on our products. 
  •  Rusty Ferret is not currently VAT registered, therefore i cannot offer a VAT free price.
  • EU customers will now be required to pay the VAT (tax) of their own country on products bought from us (and any other UK products) 
  • This will be collected once the items arrive in the customers country, but before it arrives through your door. 
  • This will be the customers own country VAT (tax rate) so please check what that is where you live. 
  • If like the UK you may also have a handling fee from your local postage service. 

I know this sucks. But i want to be 100% transparent with you on what's going on. Please also be aware that brexit is not finished and this may change going forward. Any changes will be listed here.

Finally Thank you so much to all  my customers. You are all amazing.