Giant Crochet Granny Square top

a photo of me standing in my dye shed wearing a giant crochet square top which starts with a lime green in the middle and transitions to light pink via yellow. i am standing with my hands out to my side looking up to the roof with a ridiclous look on my face
I felt the need for speed. or crochet, yeah that works better. 
So, my lovely next door neighbour is a bit of a yarn hoarder like myself.  She presented me with a cake of yarn a wee while ago and said " could you use this?" and as someone who can't say no to anything, I was like YEA! 
a cake of yarn it is a cotton yarn and you can kind of see that its made up of about 4 strands of thinner yarn together. the colour starts at a lime green in the middle, fades through to yellow, then pink and ends with a lilac purple colour
So this is the yarn. I will let you know the details first
Brand - Cotton Kings from hobbi
Base - Twirls 100% cotton
Colourway - 43
Thickness - fingering/4ply
Meterage - 800m
Weight - 200g
I had just recently organised my stash, like deep organised with spreadsheets and everything. I really didn't want to put it into stash to forget about so i left it sitting on my table beside my armchair in the hope it would spark something. and it did. This cake just needed to be a giant granny square top, just two giant granny squares slapped together boom. 
a photo of me standing in my dye shed but with my back to the camera to show off the back of my giant granny square top. the back of the top is exactly the same as the front but its fades from an indigo purple through to pink.
My one worry with this was would I have enough yarn, my neighbour did say she had more but I didn't want to go and be like 
 "hey see that free yarn, can you give me more free yarn!"
I really should have sat and wound the cake into two, but i was lazy and just wanted to start. so i started with the front and when i got to where i thought  i was half way through i weighed what was left and just hoped that when i was close to having used 100g i would  get another round in. 
The granny square pattern i used was the first basic, non video one i could find and it was a perfect simple thing to work on when i was struck down with Covid (thank you mother-in-law, she was in the bad books) .
Once the yarn was all used up i crocheted together at the shoulders and the waist and just hoped it would fit my large body. And it does, woohoo! I mean i wish it was a wee bit bigger but actually its fine. 
a photo of me standing side onto the camera in my dye shed, making a pouting model face. I have on my crochet square top and you can see here how the yarn fades from lime green through yellow up to pink on the front, then from the pink through to the purple onto the back making two different coloured pieces but with a continuous fade through the colours from front middle to back middle
I think you can see from this photo that it could be done with a smidge more room. 
Overall i like this top, its simple and colourful, perfect for throwing on top of a dress. I'm not sure about the size, i think i will need to wear it a few times to see if its something i will actually wear as i can be really weird if clothes are uncomfortable. If it decide its too small i may just add a contrast onto it, but actually i will probably frog it. Or when i do some mad gardening over the spring summer it will fit me a bit better. 
Also look at how cool my blackbird and hydrangea tattoo is! 

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