We have answered our frequently asked questions here. please check and see if your question has been answered. If you still have a query please use the contact us form or email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com

Can i visit the studio?

Unfortunately no. I work from home currently and there just isn't room. 

Do you take custom orders?

No. I really don't enjoy it.

Where else can I purchase Rusty Ferret Yarn?

Currently we do not do any wholesale. Its not something i really want to do at the moment, but i'm happy to discuss please use the contact us form here.

Will you reserve a specific colourway for me?

I would really love for everyone to get the same chance at buying the yarn. So i wont reserve yarn. 

What is a Concoction? Can you repeat it for me?

As a dyer i like to experiment, play, and sometimes things don't work out how i want. Concoctions are these skeins and they tend to be one of a kind therefore they are not repeatable. 

I am a designer would you like to work together?

I love collaborating, please drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com or use the contact form. I would really love to hear from you.

From 1st March 2021 we'll no longer provide yarn support for designs which will only be available through Ravelry. Design changes to the site mean it's no longer accessible to many people.

Do you have a crafting group?

No sorry.

How do i look after my hand-dyed yarn?

See our information here

Will you donate to my charity event?

As much as i would love to help everyone out this isn't possible. But please do drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com or use our contact form and we can discuss it. 

If i send you an email or use your contact form, when will you apply?

I try to get back to messages within 48 hours Monday - Friday.  Sometimes it maybe longer but please bear with me. 

What is the best way to contact you?

Please use our contact form or email rustyferretyarn@gmail.com . it keeps everything in one place and keeps messages flowing. 

Do you post to where i live?

YES! We ship worldwide. If you are having problems with shipping please drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com or use the contact form

When do you post out orders?

Orders are posted Monday through Friday

Will i have to pay custom fees or import tax?

If you are buying from outside the EU, you may be liable for customs/ import tax. these fees are the responsibility of the customer. If you want to check what fees may or may not apply, please check your local postal service

Can you combine my orders?

If you purchase multiple orders close together i will be happy to combine them if you drop me an email (rustyferretyarn@gmail.com) and i will refund the extra postage. 

if your orders are say 6 hours apart, this may not be possible as your first order may have already been processed. 

If in doubt or have any questions please just drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com

What do you use for packaging?

A personal ethic of mine is to throw away as little as possible/ recycle where you can. I have applied that to Rusty Ferret so have minimised the volume of packaging you receive with your order and have as much of it as recyclable as possible and be made from recycled materials again as much as possible. 

Postage bags - brown paper postal bags

thank you notes - currently paper

ball bands - currently paper

business cards - currently paper

My address is wrong on my order can i change it?

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can change it before your order gets posted. Once your order has been dispatched it cannot be changed, it is the customers responsibility to ensure they provide the correct address and a refund cannot be issued in this instance.

Can I pick-up my order from you in person / at an event? 

That is something i am happy to discuss, please drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com or use the contact form. Please bear in mind events are normally a really busy time for us so this may not always be possible.

I have an expired discount code, can i get a new one?

Discount codes are only valid for a certain length of time and a new one cant be issued

I forgot to use my discount code, could you apply it to my order?

Discount codes must be used at time of purchase and cant be applied afterwords. 

Do you wholesale?

At this moment in time, no. Im trying to find my feet in the world again and trying to manage my workload. Feel free to drop me an email at rustyferretyarn@gmail.com however and we can chat about it. I just cant promise you will get a yes. 

Are you available for trunk shows?

I would love to come and do a trunk show. Email me! rustyferretyarn@gmail.com

I purchased more than one skein of the same colourway, but they look slightly different. What's going on?

Due to the nature of hand dyeing, there will be a difference in colour from skein to skein. However yarn is listed by dye lot, so a difference between two skeins from the same dye lot will be minimal as they were dyed at the same time. I would also recommend alternating skeins when you are knitting to minimise any difference in colour if that's not your thing.