5 Random things to do right now.

1. Who is missing their takeaway coffee fix? Can we all afford houses now we aren’t buying frivolous coffees? This coffee has been doing the rounds on YouTube and I want to stick my face in it. I will not be hand whipping. Who has time for that? I have sleeping to do and a business to run. Want to see how my coffee turns out?  Follow me on Instagram 
a black and white scanned photo with three knitted poodle toilet roll covers sitting in a line. on the left is a small one, the middle is a larger one and the right is a big daddy.
2. Now that loo roll has become the new currency, what better way to treasure your wealth with a jazzy/ creepy toilet roll cosy. Crack open the depths of your stash and make the creepiest toilet roll cover you can think of. Bonus points if it scares the crap out of you every time you go to the loo. My suggestions are the above poodle, sassy lady, let those eyes watch you while you pee. or a good old classic, decapitated Barbie .
3. Exercise at home. If Joe Wicks is boring why not dance along with Jack Black. , i know you all have some sexy boots out there, get that jiggle on!! See the original video here.
two skeins of yarn half poking out the left hand side ontop of a brown envelope and a white window sill. the top skein is dark grey and the bottom is neon pink yellow and a little bit of green speckled with a natural background
4. Do some shopping.  Lots of small businesses are still going ( big thanks to our fab postal workers) and the government is keen that businesses like mine continue to trade. So if you’d like some new yarn go for it. You can also shop your stash. Haul it out, squish it and start the epic hunt of finding a pattern on Ravelry to match it. Sometimes that’s when you realise you have all of the wild and skeins and none of the neutrals, and if that’s you I’ve got you covered. Get you Ferret fix here
promo shot from superbad the movie. the main actors stood in a line , Mc lovin on the left wearing a white shirt with his arms crossed, the funny guys in the middle with curly hair wearing a blue shirt with white piping. and the guy from scott pilgrim on the left wearing a brown hoodie with his hands in the pcokets.
5. Watch a movie with the #CovideoParty crew over on Twitter. At 9pm each night everyone watches the same film on Netflix while dressed up in a costume based on the chosen theme. Hosted by Alison Spittle the Irish Comedian it’s a great evening. Tonight’s movie is Superbad and the theme is .........Superbad. Off to find that Transformers shirt that Mark loves. 
The last thing I want to say is look after yourself. Go with your gut and be nice to yourself. If that means sleeping until lunchtime then do that ( apologies for those of you with small children for whom a lie in sounds like a fantasy)

stay healthy and stay safe


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