Operation Social Justice Warrior

simple line shield, outline blue. text says operation:social justice. im a warrior with an image on a sword and a ball of yarn

So i spent the end of last week puddling over the dye pan, and have cracked my offering for operation social justice.

First if you want to find out more head over to gamercraftings website.

Let me quickly bullet point what's happening.

  • Around 185 business's are creating a product to sell and raise money for a chosen charity that supports equal rights.
  • Items will be for sale on Sunday the 15th March 2020 at 12 pm GMT
  • 20% (or more) of each sale will go to a charity selected by the business owner.
  • The reason for this if you haven't been following is down to a yarn dyer creating a collection of yarn (that sold out) taking the lift (piss) out of people who were standing up for equal rights, things such as gas-lighting etc.
  • They claim they were bullied as they weren't allowed to be a big olde racist. boohoo
  • That is a very short synopsis.
skein of yarn on a white/cream background. skein is mostly blue and purple. with a spash of pink and orange

Operation Social Justice Heliopause

Ok so my offering,I had an idea in my head and I had a plan B. The top photo was my idea, i really wanted to swirl all the colours together but also have little pops of the orange and pink. I think i'm a little obsessed with the blue navy at the moment! I'm so chuffed that it workd out pretty much how i saw it in my head!

skein of yarn on a white/cream background. skein is pale grey with fluro pink speckles, navy, orange purple

This was my plan B. I really enjoyed the colourway i dyed for the tits out collective, god two years ago. and i wanted to develop that idea and update the colours and again im really pleased with how this baby turned out.

Ok so how will i be running things?

  • This will be dyed on my Doll base ( 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon, 425m , fingering weight, £18)

  • The reason being is the BFL Masham takes dye differently (which is one of the reasons i love it)

  • Im up for dyeing some of that base - let me know if you are interested.

  • Yarn will go up for sale at 12pm GMT on Sunday the 15th of March 2020

  • it will be in one listing so you dont have to click out if you want to get both

  • I will be doing it as a preorder, this worked really well for the tits out collective and lets me control stock.

  • I'm all set to get dyeing, so your yarn will be with you soon.

  • I will be donating to WRASAC based in Dundee and Angus. I wanted a local charity that i hadn't supported already (spread the love).

  •        "We provide support to women, including trans women, and young people of all genders (aged 11-18), who have experienced any form of sexual violence, abuse or exploitation in their lives.  We listen to, believe and support survivors of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religious and cultural background."

If you want to check out who else is partaking check out the hashtag 


 or head to the bottom of this page on 

gamercraftings website. 



I hope to see you guys then!

View yarn here


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