Operation : Social Justice Warrior – An Offer for Skint People.

outline of a light blue shield with the text operation: social justice im a warrior in the middle with a sword and a ball of yarn
Skint - having little or no money available.

This Sunday (that’s 15 th March) at 1200 UK time Operation : Social Justice Warrior (OSJW) launches. Devised and co-ordinated by Gamer Crafting, this brilliant initiative will bring together more than 180 dyers, designers and makers to raise money for a wide range of charities.

skein of yarn on a white/cream background. skein is mostly blue and purple. with a spash of pink and orange

Speaking to Joy of The Knitting Goddess and getting all hyped on social media, we were
very conscious that there’s a whole section of people who follow the businesses involved who know they don’t have the resources to make a purchase. That doesn’t feel great.
Obviously the COVID-19 virus is causing financial worries and issues – but for a lot of people it’s a sad fact that these issues and worries aren’t new. For many it’s something that’s been a feature of their lives for years. A couple of minutes spent on the Trussell Trust website highlights how many people are relying on food-banks, and that demand isn’t going away any time soon.

skein of yarn on a white/cream background. skein is pale grey with fluro pink speckles, navy, orange purple

SO Joy and I hatched a plan We’d each like to give away a couple of skeins of the yarns that we’re dyeing for OSJW – so we’ll each send a skein to two people.

We’re both happy to post worldwide.
This offer is open to anyone who would like a skein of one of the yarns but who can’t afford to buy one.

If you tell us that’s you that’s all we need. We don’t want any details or an explanation. We’ll both pick names at random from everyone who applies.

Rusty Ferret Yarn will be giving away skeins of Doll, in the colourways Little light and Heliopause

The Knitting Goddess be giving away skeins of Moonbroch (a kid mohair and silk yarn) or Britsock.

The charities we’re supporting (Stonewall for The Knitting Goddess and Women’s Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre for us) won’t lose out – we’ll cover the donation for the skeins we’re giving away.

How do I apply?
Email us.
All we need is an email saying you’d like to apply for a free skein of OSJW yarn. Email keeps everything in one place and that keeps life simpler for us. We’ll be promoting this all across social media.

skein of yarn on a white background with a knitting goddess band on it. the colours are black, pink, yellow and orange

Britsock by The Knitting Goddess

If you’d like yarn from Rusty Ferret Yarn then please get in touch here.

Remember to tell me which colour you would like

If you’d like yarn from The Knitting Goddess then please get in touch here
Remember to tell them if you’d like the Moonbroch or Britsock base.

skein of fuzzy mohair yarn on a white background with a knitting goddess band on it. the colours are black, pink, yellow and orange

Moonbroch by The Knitting Goddess

Is there a deadline?
The yarns that we’re dyeing will be available on the 15th and we’d like to get these yarns posted
during the week. We’ll close applications at 1800 on the 16th and will let the winners know later that

Any other questions?
Contact us and we’ll help.

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