What to knit with our new British Masham base.

So ive been a bit in a Ravelry rut at the moment, nothing is really shouting MAKE ME at me, i believe its me, as when i scroll through instagram im blown away by all the beauty, i think its when i HAVE to find something that i struggle. Once i started looking i found quite a few things i want to make with our new Masham Base . Im going to seperate the knitting from the crochet as otherwise this would just be too big.

shoulder of a women, wearing a dark black shawl with bright blue stitch details
Image Property of Maddie Harvey

Winter Lights by Maddie Harvey

Lets kick off with what I'm casting on. Maddie Harveys Winter Lights shawl. What a stunner of a shawl, those little 'lights' remind me of snowdrops. I'm using a really dark grey (static) for the background colour and Lana Obscura for the contrast, which is a natural background with neon pink, yellow and green splodged about.

women stood against a white background with hands in her jeans pockedts with a white linnen top wearing a beutfully natural light grey shawlImage property of Isabell Kraemer

Kyler by Isabell Kraemer

This shawl just SHOUTS cosy doesn't it. I think mixed with the Masham base its one that i wouldn't want to take off. I could really go this shawl right now, i'm really cold! What colour would i do it in. I think Dispersion as its variegated but not wildly different colours OR gold, because classic.

a pair of verigated blue gloves on a white background with a grey octopus on them
image property of Kate Schimmer

Octopoda by Kate Schimmer

These gloves have been on my to make list for so long, I think they are so cool, and my friend Mo has a fear of Octopi so freaking her out would be a bonus! Colour wise, i need to dye up some Idiot proof and Platinum blonde on this base as they would be perfect

a women with blue hair sat infront of a blue door wearing a light orange shawl that is of beautful lace
Image property of Karie Westermann

Summerisle by Karie Westermann

So I actually cast this on in my Doll base with the colourway Nebula Burst, and now i'm debating whether i should maybe start one on the Masham? I think his shawl just lends itself to a British smooshy yarn! Now the question is, do i steal some Eldritch for it? Cause purple right?

Mustard v neck jumper hung on a concrete wall
Image Property of Neringa Ruke

Boxy V-neck pullover by Neringa Ruke

There is something that is speaking to me about this jumper. whether its the V neck, the stitch pattern or the sleeves, i feel like i need one. and im not feeling very imaginative and id just go gold. However Lj once she gets over this headache would absolutely have it in PRTH.

top half of a women standing in the woods with a yellowy mustard cardigan on with a black top underneeth and her right hand on her hip
Image property of Andrea Mowry

LYS by Andrea Mowry

Im going to end with this BEAST! i think a Masham LYS cardi would just be wonderful. i have no more words. i need 6. I think i want it in squamata,something about a green cardi.

Do you have any pattern recommendations for our new Masham base? let me know in the comments or over on instagram @rustyferretyarn

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