Depressed as shit collection

I am going to keep this short but i just wanted to update you with everything that i am planning. 
So the past 12 months has been shit for me. As it has been for many it has gone from one awful thing to another, to another. To another, it hasn’t stopped yet and it has done horrific things to my mental health. My under control depression has reared its ugly head and oh my goodness i hate it. 
the business has really suffered because of this and i hate it.

a screen shot of a tweet from @blackmagpie = me " i know everyopne is trying to force this happy cheerys woo light blah blah nonsense in the yarn they are producing etc. But i just wanna dye yarn that is as black as i feel, with names as depressed as i am. maybe a sock pattern that shows how hard this all fucking is.

So after a throw away tweet i have decided to create my first collection, based on my depression, with inspiration from people who are close to me. Trying to lean into the sadness and use this as a way to say. You know, its ok to sleep until 12pm (obvs if you can). It’s ok not to iron for a month, to ok to not get dressed. And lets stop trying to put a happy face on everything. 
I’m so sick of all the happy happy joy joy that i was trying to show the world when i am actually miserable. 
So let me show you the yarn. 

comparison is a killer

I feel lost

Have you tried not being depressed


Therapy tears with 20g mini i cant believe i pay money for this

I haven't washed in a week

Putting a face on

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