Rift Tee

Rift Tee take one


 I thought i would take an arty photo of my just finished Rift Tee Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak You know, sun in my face, countryside in the background. I have no idea whats going on with my hair, there was too much sun in my eyes but great shot of the Tee. the colour pooling looks like boobies and now i cant unsee it. oh dear. I used some deeeeeeep stash quince and co and over-dyed it. its an ok yarn, not hard against the skin, not splitty, worked across my needles with relative ease. Not sure i can recommend them though based on how they have treated their workforce and the awful attitude of one of their ceos. but as i say its deep stash and its nice to get it out.

The pattern is a good one. SUPER good range of sizes, options for round neck and v neck, long or short sleeves. I would say however i feel the neck is a bit too high for me, i think i would do a looser cast off and that would make me feel loads better. It will be perfect for Scottish weather. you know, oh it looks sunny but its cold as anything. aka TAPS AFF!

Technical information

Pattern Name Rift Tee
Designer  Jacqueline Cieslak
Ravelry Link https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rift-7
Alternative purchase source https://payhip.com/b/i2wu
Size made 60"
Needle size 5mm
Total Meterage used
Total weight of yarn used


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