Did I take my needles on a plane?

me on an inflatable aeroplane in a deep paddling pool, fully clothed
Cause why wouldn't you be in the paddling pool on Christmas day in all your clothes?

So way back in the Christmas of 2017 i flew away to New Zealand on my honeymoon. It was a lot of travel. I was kind of stressing out about taking my knitting on all the planes as we were flying with a few different airlines and i just wanted to update you on my experience on this occasion.

You can read my post from before the holiday here

brown fabric bag with the rusty ferret logo with green knitting poking out with  a swimming pool in the background
Poolside knitting at Hamner Springs.

Let start off with the first leg of the trip.

We were leaving from Glasgow airport. I pre-prepped myself and bought some removable wooden knit pro symfonies i also packed a pencil case with some pens in it to make them look like pencils. SENSIBLE. Went through security in Glasgow, no problem. I did bust out my knitting on that about 7-8 hour flight and got a good chunk done. No one said anything.

three traffic cone sheep in the middle of a road. one yellow, one red, one green
The road blocks in Christchurch were blooming sheep

So then we hit Dubai, needles were off, in the pencil case and off we trotted through security. NO PROBLEM. we had a really short stop in Dubai and stocked up on some water for the big bit of the flight to Sydney. got stopped going into our gate BECAUSE OF THE WATER! cant bring any of that stuff into OZ, well i could bring an empty bottle into the gate and fill it up and the water fountain at the gate. but not a sealed bottle of water from the shop up the concourse .... OK!

Onto the plane, and i did ZERO KNITTING for 14 hours. Fairly sure i slept the whole time. so that was a win.

the laputa robot at the studio ghibli museum on a bright blue sky
The studio Ghibli Museum. Oh my heart

Hopped off the plane again for a cheeky stop in Sydney, didn't bother taking my needles off my project (so i must have done a teeny bit of knitting) i was too exhausted by this point, we were nearly there, i had my full needle kit in my hold bag, and they have yarn shops in New Zealand. Stumbled through security, yep that's right, nothing, nowt, nada.

two tiny tanuki  sat on a wooden shelf.
Tanuki shrine

LAST leg of this journey and that was the 3 ish hours up to Christchurch. Again I slept the whole way. Zero knitting. WHO AM I!!!

We had a wonderful time with family in Christchurch, i cant believe we were there for three weeks, i think my favourite was the hot pools at Hamner springs. Why don't we have these in the UK, why are our pools so cold?

rows of small japanese statues with red crochet hats holding paper flowers
crochet hats on the little statues

Right, lets quickly run through our flights from Christchurch to Tokyo, and then Tokyo to home.


Christchurch to Auckland - 1 hour and a half

Auckland to Narita Tokyo - 11 ish hours

Narita Tokyo to Dubai - 12 ish hours

Dubai to Glasgow - just over 8 hours.

How much knitting did i do in that time....None, that's right, none! i slept. I don't know how but my trusty knitting was there if i needed it. At this point i didn't really care my needles stayed firmly on my project, and not my wooden ones. NOPE. my nice carbon fibre knit pro carbons. Did anyone at security take them off me? No. Did anyone say anything. No. Am i gutted i didn't use that time correctly. YES!

girl with red sunglasses on posing with a white sheep statue on the ground close up.
me with the sheep in Cheviot

So moral of the story, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! i really think its down to the security officer on duty. Im sorry i cant give you the answers you are here for.

I stick by my statement in the last post, check with your airline and after that, just wing it!


LJ x

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