WIPs and finished objects - January 2020

ball of blue and orange speckled yarn hand wound ball on a concrete floor.

Its January and I've decided to blog again. I used to back in my college days and i really enjoyed it. I'm really struggling with Instagram at the moment but i still really like sharing images and my stories that go with them. So i suppose this is my excuse to continue to do so without the guilt. So here are the WIPS i have on the go and also the finished objects from January 2020.

Maema-by-Megan-Dodecker top left hand side of a half knit cardigan laying on a dark floor, the cardigan is royalish blue with little orange speckles

A WIP that i started before Christmas was the Maema by Megan Nodecker. I had five skeins of yarn from my second last subscription box of 2019 and had no idea what to use it for. I came across this beauty on Instagram and thought that the broken brioche would look really nice along side the quite heavily variegated yarn, I think i was right! Its a super loose, almost bat wing cardi which i cant wait to slob about the house in. Something else that really pulled me in was the size range. from a 34 inch bust right up to a 69 inch bust i was so chuft as a lot of designers STILL don't include us fat folks! This WIP has been languishing for a wee while as i made a total arse of the broken brioche after the armhole separation and its taken me to this weekend to actually decide to fix it. Shockingly i did manage and i'm glad i did as id managed to go from a nice broken brioche to it all lining up, and then the brioche being on the wrong side. Now its all mismatched as it should. So i'm now onto 13 inches of body with a really calming 4 row repeat so we will see how long this bad boy takes to finish.

half knit brioche cowl sat on the floor with a ball of neon pink and black on the right hand side. there is some tree debris on the floor

My next WIP is again something i started up at my parents over Christmas and that is the DK Brioche Bandana Cowl by Lavanya Patricella . Something that has been on my Ravelry to make list for ALONG TIME, so after closing fluph and being able to have a bit more me knitting time i packed up the yarn (Rusty Ferret Peapeau in Sandhaven calling and for science) for Christmas and cast on just after the new year. I was really shocked that i still remembered how to brioche after such a long time between projects, and its been such an ace wee thing to work on.

a half made blanket is hanging on a high up washing line. only a diagonal half is made and each square is a different colour. underneeth you can see the garden its hanging about.

I just checked the dates on my Ravelry and I started my mitred square blanket back in January 2017, that's nearly three years! I'm not even half way through so this maybe a recurring WIP on here. My goal is 400 squares and I'm sitting at around the 156 mark. I'm using yarn left over from projects i have finished, or scraps i have laying around, or odd mini skeins that didn't weight the correct amount. I'm also not repeating the same ball of yarn twice. but i have repeated the same colourway as its from different projects, does that make sense? I should add that I'm not using a pattern , i cast on 50 stitches and go from there, but if you check on Ravelry for mitred square blankets you will find plenty


a mauve ish baby bonnet (simple square shape) is pinned to a white wall. its ties are in a bow

So lets move onto what i have finished this past month. I found out at the start of the year that i am going to be an Aunty. Marks youngest brothers partner is expecting a wee girl so OBVIOUSLY i have to knit a million things. And also an excuse to use some of the stunning yarn i have in my stash that i only have one ball of!

I had nearly a full skein of West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft in the Ollaberry colourway from when i knit a cowl sample for fluph. Its stuff like this that i want out of my stash and used because it'd just hand about forever! I decided all babies need a hat and i thought the Broken Rib Bonnet and Pixie by Amanda Morse was super cute. I chose the pixie in size 3-6 months as babies heads are big, right? Now i have to say, the pattern isn't great. simple things like it doesn't tell you what way to sew the seam up, and i cant remember the other bits but that stuff annoys me. if i'm paying like £5 for a pattern i expect it to be well written. I also chose to make i cord ties instead of just the yarn ties the pattern suggests, i just think they look more robust and finished.

a teeny baby jumper hung on a vintage wooden hanger. its a light purple/lilac verigated jumper on a white wall

Another baby knit i've bashed through is the flax light by tin can knits . I cant sing the praises of Tin Can Knits enough. their patterns are so beautifully written, most go from size teeny to size very large (4xl which is 59 inches bust in this case) This is a super simple jumper, and in the newborn size it takes no time to whip up. I used a beautiful purple skein from my stash from Ginger Twist studios in the swell ewe sock base in the colourway cantilever. and its just SO CUTE!!!

So yeah that's it for January 2020. I want to make this a regular thing on the blog. More for me keeping a track of what I've been up to and also to check on my stash usage.

Have you finished or started anything in January? let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram @rustyferretyarn, id love to see!


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