I just wanted to put something down in writing about how Rusty Ferret is dealing with COVID-19 and how it will effect our customers. 

For us it is business as usual. I am already privileged enough to work from home.

In regards to your orders. I am still posting orders out as normal, We use a small parcel post box outside the main sorting office in Dundee meaning we have very little contact with people and we can post on our one trip out of the house. 

Myself (LJ) and Mark (My Husband) are both in at risk groups of this virus. Because of this we are self isolating/social distancing. The only time we leave the flat is to walk Oskar and take him to our garden for the loo and a once fortnightly trip to the supermarket. 

Mark is now working from home (he has stolen my office) 

When packing orders my packing table will be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly my hands will be washed before touching anything that needs to be sent out. 

All of our stock and packing materials are stored away in a chest of drawers or in my handy IKEA cubes meaning they aren't in the flow of the house and again only handled when needed. 

If you have any questions regarding how we are operating during COVID-19, please drop us an email at