What is this fluphy twisters?

fluphy twisters Dundee or a flamingo knitting


So by now you will have heard me sporadically call the fluphy twisters to arms about our next meetup.

But Lj what or who are the fluphy twisters.

I would love to say they are a bunch of rag tag superheros who meet in secret at a local yarn shop to maintain their cover. When in actuality they are our knit nighters. Its our Saturday knit day.

 They meet in the shop every 3rd Saturday of the month in fluph from 10.30am - 1.30pm. There is always cake, tea and sometimes crafting!

 Same rules as knit night (i should write those down)

  • Completely free (there is a donations box for tea and coffee, but no pressure)
  • open to crafts of all types (we ain't craftist),
  • everyone over 16 welcome
  • cake is always appreciated :D

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