What is this Ferret Fest?

Dundee’s premier and first yarn gathering of a substantial size. that’s a bit of a mouthful right?
So I am just dropping in to let you know what the deal with this ferret fest is. My initial idea was like a baby music festival, lots of fun, food, friends and some superstars. But how do you fit a music festival into fluph? Well you kinda don’t, so you reign it in a bit and have a mini yarn festival (EYF, Perth and Aberdeen I’m coming for you..not really) .
I’m going to bullet point the details as my brain just wants to throw all the ideas at you and you’ll end up really confused because I have so many ideas.
  • It’s a one day only deal on the 17th November 2018 from 11am - 5pm
  • it will be held in fluph. 164 blackness road ,Dundee, dd1 5pq
  • it will be a happy chilled out vibe
  • we will have plenty of food and liquid beverages
  • a photo booth of some form
And most importantly our headliners are 

no fainting now people!

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  • Sharon

    Sounds great. Think I’ll have to pass this year though, already booked that day and it’s a long haul from the South Coast. Should I ever be in Dundee I’ll definitely search out fluph.

    BTW – you ‘rein in’ things, think horses. ‘Reign’ is what a monarch does. Just because the spell check doesn’t redline it doesn’t mean it’s the correct word!

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