Black Friday

a square of yarn with dye sprinkle on, from left the colour is pink then red, orange, yellow, green and then blue with the text black friday in white

Oh man i haven't written a blog post in a long while so bare with me. 

Black Friday, where did that even come from, we don't celebrate thanks giving in the UK so why black Friday. why cant we have a Guy Fawkes sale, or happy clocks go forward day, or something even more ridiculously British was warm enough to not wear a jumper day. 

Now i love a bargain, since i started running my business i have become very money conscious and if i can get a good deal, i'm on it! So for sure if you have your eye on something that you can get some money off of, DO IT! no judgement from this corner, but as a small business i don't want to cave into the pressure of doing a sale. I DO WHAT I WANT!  

SO my Guru The Knitting Goddess is having a black Friday/white Friday event, where she donates 50% of the sales from know what lets steal from her blog

         "For the last couple of years we’ve celebrated White Friday – so everything is full price in the shop and we donate 50% of everything we sell on Friday 29th to charity. This year we’ll be splitting the money between Refuge and the Trussell Trust (who are behind many of the food banks). These are two charities that I wish didn’t exist. I wish we didn’t need them – but we do and they provide essential support."

                                                                  The Knitting Goddess 

I really admire Joy and her ethos towards business and the planet (hello British wool, quality materials from the UK and much much more) so i decided to do something similar. 

So i'm keeping everything full price and i will be donating 20% of everything I sell on Friday the 29th of November to togs for tots in Dundee. These guys are a charity i have known of for a while as i know one of their volunteers,  (names escape me right now) . 

These guys work like the food-bank, but supply people struggling with clothes, equipment, school uniforms to family's struggling. Now i know i don't have kids but having been (and still am) a very spoilt girl, i cant imagine my parents having to struggle to clothe me, buy me Christmas presents, let alone my school uniform, and it breaks my heart that in this day in age charity's like this are needed. SO i really hope that especially at this time of year i can give them some money to help more people. 

I'm also a bit weird about saying I'M DOING THIS THING but its your cash, but then i suppose technically it would be the business money, ANYWAY, i'm also going to be making a donation to togs for tots from myself, amount yet to be decided depending on the bank balance.

RIGHT! LETS DO THIS THING!! and go check out what The Knitting Goddess has over there, she has chosen two really good charities..well they are all good, but you know what i mean



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