A round up of my yarny wips from 2016, an accountability video of projects that i need to move my butt on and finish. Oh and a showing of my project bags....because who doesnt love project bags.

My Ravelry project list so you can keep an eye on me! - Ravelry


  • ericka eckles

    You are so brilliant, and honestly I don’t think that’s all that many wips on the go….(I’m curious though, did you get those Christmas socks you were making last year finished? I think it was the wys berry colourway)
    I’ve been knitting for about a year, a couple of dabbles before that (but the knitting was proper ropey) so I have a half made knitted tea cosy which is about 18 inches or thereabouts wide….I didn’t think about gauge just used the yarn I had, so I used a fat old aran weight instead of a 4 ply (….I’ve currently knitting 3 pairs of socks (2 of which are gifts so they have got to be finished) and a shawl but I’ve sort of fell out of love with the yarn for that….I did promise a knitting friend I’d knit her a shawl, not sure now if it will get finished in time for Christmas…then we have friends coming over from Norway and the children have all requested a handmade gift (when they say they’d rather have me make them something than buy it from a shop … can I say no to that)…. longest wips would be 2 crochet blankets…one has taken um 4 years maybe 5….mostly the cat sleeps on it but I’d like to finish it, all those woolly tails to sew in is so ughh grey clouds to my good intentions…. and then an acrylic granny squares one which is a good 3/4’s made but it feels so squeeky (acryllic makes my hair go frizzy so it’s a bit off putting to work on)… and that doesn’t include the things I want to knit, I’ve got birthdya present patterns here that I want to cast on but am trying to be so good, and I haven’t even cast on my planned cardigan for Wovember……
    Hope your socks didn’t boil over : )

    regarding the skulls, if they are all dry (and clean) can you not pop them away for next halloween and then you’ll have a bit of a head start for next year’s window)

  • Allie

    I love your definition of a friend ? Wondering how many I really have now though! ?
    Those project bags are gorgeous. Are they different shops on etsy?
    I tend to have current wips which slowly move around my house and lay undiscovered for years where newer and newer wips take over! ? Your like looks quite respectable in comparison! ? Love the insight and reassurance though. Xx

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