Yarn that will make your sweet williams miniskeins sing

Our Sweet Williams colourway as part of the flower power fund, to raise money for Marie curie. I just realised I haven't actually spoken about this over here so a quick run through.

two photos together.both of different colours of pink sweet williams with grass behind them

This month I am the mini skein dyer for the flower power fund, I have taken my inspiration from my mums sweet williams and I was so pleased that the image in my brain actually came out in the yarn. 

marie curie logo which consists of a big yellow daffodil and marie cure in blue. then in blue text the charity numbers for scotland and englang

The Details

  • on the 1st of august, my sweet Williams mini skeins will go for sale on my website
  • there are 5 x 20g in superwash wool and nylon (not doll as there is a shortage on doll atm - not even kidding)
  • £5 from each mini-skein set will be donated to Marie Curie
  • Marie Curie is an amazing charity that "whether that's dementia, cancer, motor neurone disease, heart failure, Parkinson's disease, or any other illness, we’ll be here for you and your family to help you cope after a terminal diagnosis "
  • each set will be £20

black and white button, the text says sweet williams mini skeins

RIght, let me show you the combos of Rusty Ferret yarn and the sweet williams colourway that I believe will look amazing together.

           Spring on Doll           - - -    Smashing Dane with     - - -  Sandhaven Calling

                                                             pink on Doll                               on Doll

              BIG on Doll            - - -            Gold On Doll          - - -       Edritch on Doll


      Concoction 50 on Doll   - - -         Little Light on Doll      - - -  Light Dancer on                                                                                                                     Doll

Dreamscape on Maelstrom  - - - Platinum Blonde on Doll  - - - Neptunian Dreams                                                                                                                 on Doll 


Well, that sure is a lot of combos to get the brain juices going? Let me know if you go for any of these tag me on Instagram @rustyferretyarn, or let me know any other colours you think would look amazing. And get your Sweet Williams mini-set by clicking below.sweet williams mini skeins button

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