WIPs and finished objects - June 2020

close up of the maema cardigan. its against a white paded wallpaper and sleeveless. you can see the stitch defintion form the broken brioche. the cardigan is dark blue, purply blue and flecks of orange. really heavily verigated

My plan was to write these more often as in once a quarter, but i suppose once every two quarters kind of counts. I suppose i was worried that i hadn't achieved anything to show as I've been doing other crafts instead as lock down was really messing with my brain. I'm sure you are the same. turns out i have finished loads of things and not actually cast on anything new that's still lingering, WHAT! WHO AM I!


>>>>i have tried to include non ravelry links where i can and i will mark all ravelry links so you can avoid if it is causing you issues <<<<

Finished Objects

bounce baby blanket laying on top of a pink and white quilted blanket. the blanket has a wave pattern to it with each pattern repeat being a different colour seperated by a bump of light grey. the colours go through lime green to dark greens, light blues to dark blues light lilacs to dark purple and then back again to the lime greens.

Lets start off with some wins! 

My Bounce baby blanket from tin can knits (Ravelry link) Website link but it seems to use ravelry as the shopping mechanism.  This was a gift to my brother-in-law and his partner to use for my new baby niece. I really wanted non baby colours and something affordable and washable, i opted for stylecraft special DK from the wool warehouse and chose colours from one of the attic 24 colour packs, but removing the brown. This was such a fun knit, fairly mindless with an easy repeat and its so cute!!! I can also confirm that Marks brother liked it and hopefully ill get to meet my new niece soon! I'm her only aunty so have claimed fave aunty through a technicality. lol

a women (me) with dark hair scraped into a bun glasses wearing a denim dress thats covered in "designer" bleach stains and black leggins, i have my arms in the air and im wearing the roy g biv cardigan. its a long cardigan down past my bum and the colours start at red and go through the rainbow up to the collar. the sleeves do the same

Oh my word, lets talk about the Roy G Biv cardigan. (ravelry link) my purpose for this knit was to one make it because its beautiful and two and excuse to use all the random skeins in my stash, can confirm its excellent for this purpose. He's a big snuggly boy and it really hasn't been cold enough to get some proper use, but i have on occasion wrapped myself up in it at night just to feel that cosy warmth of a giant cardigan! 

tiny white baby cardigan pinned up by an old wooden coat hanger against a white puff wallpaper. the cardigan is covered in cables and a wee collar. the buttons are baby blue with tiny vintage cat faces on them

Back onto more baby knitting, i had a random ball of white acrylic in my stash that i had zero plans for and i am really trying my best to work through the stash a bit (hence the Roy G Biv) I decided that a super traditional baby cardigan is just what this was meant to be. I found the Cable and Lace baby cardigan by Mary Edwards (ravelry link) and felt it was the perfect volume of cables , ALL OF THEM, and cuteness without being too old fashioned. Again Marks bro liked it and shes probably grown out of it already so maybe i need to make a bigger one! 

 a man (mark) standing in a garden with a bright blue sky, a tree, a spaniel (oskar) and his grandparents in the background. he is wearing sunglasses a red powerrangers hat, a destiny 2 tshirt thats dark blue and the graffic looks like an iceberg with light denim jeans. the knit wear is the cardi bri that has a light grey main body and the sleeves are giant with purple and light grey brioche.

My last FO for this quarter was my test knit of the Cardi Bri for disco stitch (ravelry link) Holly will be also selling her patterns via email at discostitch@gmail.com so check her insta out for some inspo . I flipping love this cardigan, again i used stash yarn and it was a super quick as i was holding up to eight strands of 4ply at once. I haven't taken a photo of it on me so this one of Mark will have to do for now. but again, this is going to be a well worn top come winter *coughnextweekcough*


Works In Progress

a really close up photo of my face. i have a black dress with skelletons on and a purple hoodie. im wearing grey rectangle glasses. i have on a crochet braided headband that is made from our atypical colourway, that colourway is a natural base with neon speckles of pink, yellow and blue

I need to include this crochet head band in the WIPS section, as even though it looks finished, i haven't sewn it up! it is held together with bulb pins. this is the Braided Chunky Headband by Danielle Layman (ravelry link) here is an etsy link from the designer  I chose this headband as a recommendation to crochet with our super chunky singles yarn, and i made mine in Atypical (they are all named after synonyms for unprecedented, cause i'm so over that word) I'm really please with how this worked up but  i have to say it did use every single last bit of yarn. The pattern has 48 double crochets for its length, but i ended up doing 70 dc which is a lot more. so be aware if you choose to make it. Again something else that will be stashed for winter,she says looking at a sky that's about to burst! 

my maema cardigan hanging off a white wall with padded wallpaper, its hung on a rusty ferret branded wooden coat hanger. underneeth the cardigan are the tops of plants with the top of a gold framed mirror in which you can see oskar my springer spaniel laying on the bed. the cardigan is half done and has no sleeves and not much body. its colours are dark blue / purply blue mixed with flecks of orange

my actual, actual WIP at the moment is my Maema by Megan Nodecker (ravelry link) I cast this on back at Christmas up at my parents as my " one big project" after a head of total mess ups on my behalf i got to the armhole split and then put it away. I recently picked it back up as i really want it in my wardrobe, its all fine and well these cool giant flamboyant cardigans, but sometimes you just want a normal one to put on. I am knitting this up in dispersion on our doll base, i really love this colourway and i love it even more the way its knitting up. Sadly there is none in stock but its on the to dye list for next week so after i steal a skein because i'm one short there will be more. The pattern is really good actually, the stitch pattern is broken brioche, so although you do need to know the basics of brioche, you're only doing half of the four rows of normal brioche (when knit flat) so this maybe a really good place to start. but oh my word 13.5 inches until the ribbing, WHY! 


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  • LJ on

    Oh thank you. I really dont enjoy writing so i write as i would talk, i think!
    I get most if not all of my patterns from www.ravelry.com however they have just updated the look of the website which is causing alot of issues for folk, migraines etc so if you are prone to websites effecting you please be careful, its an awesome website and i hope they fix all the issues

  • Helen Welsh on

    I love your writing style as well as the amazing garments. Sounds like you get your patterns off the internet? Or do you make them up? I especially love the baby blanket.

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