Welcome to the dye studio 3.0

aberdeenshire dye studio

Welcome to the dye studio 3.0

AH! Hello, so I moved house, out of Dundee and back up north, i supose i moved home, and well i am currently still living with my parents due to the new house being well, pandoras box with the electrical. For example we had a danger shower, aka not earthed and no trickle wire alongside the switch being in place with a bit of newspaper. Thankfully my Dad is an electrician and has got everything singing and dancing again.

One of the most exciting bits about the move is there is a big old concrete shed, and a garden, but mostly this shed which will become the newest version of the dye studio. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a dedicated mess space that’s not in the kitchen, i didn’t realise how restrictive me kitchen was in comparison to the basement as well it was the kitchen, throwing dye about the place wasn’t the best practise. NOW i can go back to making a mess, and that turns out is how i work best.

OK so enough rambling, let me show you what we are working with, and where we are currently.

A view looking inside my dye shed. Looking in you can see a dirty grey carpet with mismatched cabinets around the sides. There are boxes of shed bits on top of the worktops . At the side of the door there are some non bags and you can see a wee tumble drier poking out

So this is the Shed before we moved in. I feel like i should say this house was my Uncles (well my Mums Uncle, but he was always my Uncle) . So we have had some sorting to go through. Looking back how tidy does the shed look! lots of worktops and storage. good shed! Lol.

Looking inside my new dye shed, it has been cleared out, the floor is down to its concrete, the walls are painted white with quite a lot of it chipping off. Oskar the brown and white springer spaniel is laying right in the back right corner sniffing a patch of sunlight

So of course the next step was to rip everything out! including all that storage, the carpet floor (i work with water, carpet is a no go) Mum and I went through all the shed bits, put most of it into my Dads garage, i mean there was eleven sweeping brushes! There is so much floor space for activities and well Oskar!

We will be removing those wooden shelves on the right and donating the tumble dryer and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

A view of my shed roof from the inside. The painted white ply is mostly hanging off and there are huge black damp patches

One of the big issues with the shed right now is the roof is Asbestos and FULL of cracks, so its not water tight. My Uncle had clad the roof with ply and it was well, mouldy and the insulation underneath was DAMP! really not good for my asthma lungs. Or anyone really.

Looking up to the inside of the shed roof, it’s completely stripped back to the corrugated asbestos and beams, you can also see a long strip light hanging

So Mum and I set forth and ripped down the ply and all the woozy wool (insulation) and behold, the beautiful Asbestos roof. Obviously that has to go more so because of all the cracks causing leaks. Would have been easier and less costly to replace if it wasnt Asbestos.

Looking inside the shed from the door. It’s filled to the brim with stuff. There is a stack of wood at the back, boxes lining both sides, a yellow power washer in the middle and no patch to walk in

So that takes us to now really. The shed has kind of been a storage space for things we couldn’t move into the house due to floorboards being lifted etc. Mum and I spent a day last week just organising things and trying to make all the bits accessible because i was never sure what box the staple gun was in, or my box of screws, or the lightbulbs! So we have more mess than we started with but we are ready for the next big thing, a new roof.

I will leave this here for now and put my plans down in the next blogpost when I have maybe something more than stacks of my stuff.

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