Virtual Perth Festival Of Yarn

a picture of me on the left and hannah on the right smiling for the camer with yarn in the background and hanging up at perth festival of yarn 2020

Global pandemics. They don’t half put a dampener on our normal yarns gatherings, don’t they?!

Most yarn shows have been cancelled this year and it has been really interesting to see how different shows handle going virtual. 

Perth festival of yarn is the show I really want to talk to you, a show dear to my heart and close to home. 

rusty ferret setup at perth festival of yarn. long table with grey tablecloth and a rusty ferret banner in the middle. the table is covered in yarn

Now I am going to be honest, from a vendor side of things, shows are hard work (we all love it) prepping, making stock, deciding on booth layout, packing, all the little fiddly bits and setup day. However one of the main reasons I do shows is to see all you folks. Familiar faces, finished projects in Rusty Ferret, there is always someone who has made me a slice of cake, or a bit of tablet. The odd tunnocks tea cake. And I am finding it really difficult this year not getting a chance to chat with you all, on top of no longer having fluph. 

purple crochet granny square laying on some chuckies. its purple, grey and little bits of green and a dark lavander

Ok, enough reminiscing. Perth Festival of yarn is virtual this year on the 12th and 13th of September (Saturday and Sunday) 10 am until 4 pm. Now Perth is doing things differently from other shows in that all items to purchase will be done via their website ( so you can get the sense of ALL THE THINGS like you would attending the show itself and all items for sale are exclusive to Perth. So you are going to get some things that you can't get anywhere else. And who doesn’t love limited edition! 

This perfectly leads me onto what I have dyed up for the show and I really hope you like them. 

a skein of purple and blue and green yarn laying on grass with some really dead plants at the top of the frame that inspired the yarn. they looked much better alive

Colourway - Isobelles Mystery

Weight - 4ply/fingering

Meterage -  350m   / 382yds

Unit weight - 100g

Fibre content - 80% Superwash Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon Yarn 

Price - £22

a skein of blue and green yarn sitting on a pile of bricks


colourway - Nu

Weight - 4ply/fingering

Meterage - 400m / 437yds

Unit weight - 100g

Fibre content -Superwash 100% British Bluefaced Leicester Lustre Wool

Price - £18

a skein of mohair silk which is the most neon pink laying on some chuckies

colourway -  Sandhaven Calling

Weight - Lace

Meterage - 420m / 459yds

Unit weight - 50g

Fibre content - 72% brushed Superkid Mohair 28% Mulberry Silk Yarn

Price -  £21

What do you think?

Head over to Perth Festival of yarn website on the 12th & 13th September 2020, 10 am – 4 pm to see what's all on offer! 

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