Update July 15th 2020

I have no idea how to kick this blog post off. It's about half-past three on a Friday and my brain just can't produce words. This may be a really heavy photo post.

I am here to show you what I dyed for our most recent update and the guest base for this month. I think I want to make the guest base a monthly thing, it will keep things fresh and allow me to play with new things. which is always fun right?

 So let's kick off with the doll that I dyed up. Our doll base is our most loved, most used base, a good 75% Superwash merino 25% Nylon, it's super soft yet super strong for socks, it holds up so well in garments (i have several and  I haven't had any problems so far). So let me show you. 

Concoction Dispersion Fragments of Past
Gold Light Dancer Nurple
Paradoxium Pewter Quarantine


Sandhaven Calling Smashing Dane with pink


 I am not going to lie, that table is a very satisfying thing to make.  

Next up is this months guest base. Now I was looking for something for socks. I have this problem that my knitting tension is super loose. I currently knit socks on 2mm needles and each time I hand knit a pair of socks and wear them, they end up so baggy and like fishnets. I want to be a sock knitter but things are conspiring against me. I had a bit of a brain wave and that was double knit socks.  When I looked at the options for a base I was a bit overwhelmed and landed on something I know. Doll but double knit. kind of. This base is 80% superwash merino and 20% high twist nylon giving us a little bit more hardiness. I split my 30 skeins up into threes so I could have LOTS of colourways well ten. Let me show you them. 

WAIT I named this base Beefed up Doll as suggested by Nolwenn just because she made me laugh, beefy.

Mauvelous Atypical Fragments of Past
Gold Idiot proof kids rainbow
Little Fox Quarantine with pink random balloons


So that's this update. If you have purchased something, thank you so much and remember to tag me when you start making I really love to see your makes. 

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