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string of hearts plant with two pitiful strands hanging out a camilla prada day of the dead plant pot, black stylised skull with heart eyes, suspended in a just macrame plant holder on a white wall with the edge of a large vintage mirror on the right and a sliver of another large vintage mirror on the bottom

Time. Oh jeeze, I'm sure you are all experiencing it, but the weeks seem SO FAST and yet so slow! How is it time for me to sit down and write another blog post? I am so rubbish at the hard sell, or even the subtle sell. However I can yap about anything! So this week, I'm going to show you some of my plant collection. I will say upfront, I do not have a green thumb, its developing, but there are still hints of black in there.

two plants sitting against a white padded wallpaper background. the one on the right is a juicy jade tree in a brown plastic pot. the one on the left is a pilea in a really light grey pot. they are both really healthy and filled with leaves

My first plant baby on the left, my pilea peperomioides, I love her so much, the first year I had her I faffed and fussed so much I nearly murdered her. However we settled into a nice routine until this Christmas where I was away for about 2 weeks and thought that giving her some extra was a good idea, SPOILER, it was not a good idea! After more fussing, I'm happy to say she is recovering well and I'm hoping that bare stalk will start putting out some new leaves when we get into the stride of spring. I actually received this baby as part of a swap from House of Kojo and I have to say if you are looking for a semi-easy plant that likes a bright room but not in direct light this may be the one for you.

On the right we have Matilda, she is a Jade money tree and she used to live in the shop. She keeps my pilea company in the bedroom an is such a fuss free plant. Very easy to grow a new one from the leaves that drop off, so I always pick them up as I don't want a HUGE plant. As I said a super easy plant to look after, not really fussy about light, she was in the window, she's now just in bright indirect light, but I have Beefy in the living room who is mostly in shade and is very happy.

picture is of a wall that has a large vintage mirror in the centre, a slither of another vintage mirror above it to the left. a trailing string of hearts with only two strings hanging from a macramae plant holder in a day of the dead plant pot. under the middle mirror is a cream piece of needle tatting in a large embroidery hoop

Oh man Horace. He was a gift from Hannah (aitchkaydee), He is a string of hearts and he has had a hard existence in my care, he ended up drowning as I didn't realise Hannah had put tape across the bottom of his pot for transport reasons, and to draw a funny face on the pot as we are a bit obsessed with stupid pots. I kept watering him and well he went from a very bushy plant to one strand (the long one you can see) I did however manage to propagate a second string and I have a third one in the plant nursery at the moment. I am hoping over the summer months to get him to be  a fuller plant again, but SLOWLY! He lives in my back bedroom which is a super bright room and he has plenty space to trail. I would say he is a medium plant to look after (just be careful with water, I let him dry out before watering). Propagation is easy, I just put the string in a bottle of water in the window and ensured that where the two leaves are is in the water (I dunno if that makes sense) and that will swell and make a bulb and push out some roots.
Also look at that happy pot!!! Another gift from Hannah (we pretty much exclusively buy each other plants and plant pots as gifts) This was an old collection by Camilla Prada and OH MY WORD I WANT ALL HER THINGS

a large trailing plant in a white pot that has been decorated with line drawings of willies. it is resting on a cage shelf next to two moss balls a godzilla toy and a wee nano block daruma behind it is a postcard from the studio ghibli museum  in tokyo in a glass frame

No surprise, another gift from Hannah, willie pot and all (its a long story) This is Albert and he is my Pothos He is a happy little dude growing towards the sun. They don't lie when they say these are really chill plants. He gets a water when he is dry, as you can see lives in a bright room but a dull corner and is growing towards the light, but even in the dark side he is putting out new leaves, just not as many as the bright side. If you want a starter plant, get one of these!

really long lanky air plant resting between two white picture frames

my weird air-plant. I bought him as a pack of 3 again from House of Kojo but they don't have the sets of 3, I have however used Love Tillys for a gift and would recommend. These are such odd things. Really easy to care for. He sits, as you can see, on top of a thick picture frame, he gets a bath when I remember and that's it. I think the key is how you water them (yes they need watered but will be OK for a long time of dry) what I do is fill the bathroom sink with water and plonk him in,and submerge him, I then go back about 30mins later and you will see that he has changed to a bright green, I then shake him to get as much loose water off as possible and pop him back DONE!
As for the other two, Oskar sat on the small one and it did not survive, and the other one is on another picture frame, it has become very delicate but is putting out wee pups and I'm very scared I break it! Id really love to get an obnoxiously big air plant as they look HILARIOUS and are fairly simple to look after, look at this Xerographica

a really creepy peace lilly tuber in a glass of water sitting on a window sill with buildings in the background. it looks like an alien baby

One of my EPIC fails is my peace lilly she was a plant taken from Margaret's big plant and he lived in the shop, but he was never happy slowly dyeing off and just being unhappy. I'm very stubborn so have kept trying new things and I have now resorted to floating the tuber (?) in water hoping I can get some strong roots from it. I also have two sad looking stalks that I moved into the bathroom last night, I've possibly been giving them too much light, so a room with no windows will work right?! These are meant to be easy plants, I do not agree.

a very dead looking plant in a brown plastic pot on a white wall

Lastly I am going to show you Audrey, my most recent plant baby who was a gift from my Mum and well, I'm fairly sure she is dead. I have no idea what I did as it started dyeing as soon as I took it out the box. She is a polka dot begonia and I was SO excited to have one, and I'm so gutted that she hasn't even had a chance. I'm kinda hoping it was the travel that has done this and it'll push out a new leaf (there is a little nubbin, we shall see. Keep all your fingers crossed!

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