Maema cardigan finished object.

Lj sits on a stone infront of a traditional stone cottage wearing a hand knitted mostly blue cardigan, black leggings and a denim dressed covered in bleach. holding her hair off her face

I have finally finished my Maema cardigan by Megan Nodecker. Oh man, why did this take me so long? I honestly have no idea. It was last years (2019) big Christmas project and I neglected it since January. Did I lose my knitting mojo, could I just not be arsed. Probably the latter. But that is not a reflection on this pattern

really upclose picture of Ljs shoulder and arm outstreched showing off the knitted cardigan in all its blue, orange and teeny bits of white glory.

So let’s talk yarn first. I knit this up in Rusty Ferret doll in the colourway dispersion, which was one of the colourways from 2019s subscription box. I loved the blue with the splashes of orange and felt that this would be an epic cardigan and would easily take a bit of textured stitches. It was so long ago that I saw the maema cardigan on Instagram, there is something so relaxed looking and the wide cropped sleeves made me think this cardigan would fit into my wardrobe perfectly. Another big thing was this cardigan had large sizes that I would fit into, cause I have fat!

the cardigan is now hanging with its back to us on a big rusty T pole. leaning against a really broken glass out house.

To start with I struggled to get into a rhythm with the broken brioche stitch that creates the beautiful squishy ness on this cardigan. I honestly don’t know why either, because it’s straight forward and I would recommend it to someone who was a bit intimidated by brioche. You are only doing half of the typical four brioche rows.

close up photo of the cardigan hanging on a brick wall with a tiny bit of old fashioned croft window to the side (wooden and single glazed) you can really see the broken brioche stitch here. and all the blues and oranges in the colourway

After getting into the flow of the broken brioche everything seemed to just flow until it didn’t. I know it had zero to do with the pattern and everything to do with me, I ended up doing some embroidery and playing a lot of Pokemon Sword. But once my mojo returned to me I was adamant that I would finish it before this Christmas. I am so happy I managed it. Just in time for this Christmas’s big project, and my Quarantine coming back from Ibiza project. (i will explain in a later post, it’s not a holiday, don’t @ me) 

Lj is back standing infront of the old stone crofthouse, rooting about in her pockets trying to look magestic AF and not managing. still wearing the blue and orange cardigan, its not as disgusting as it sounds, bleachy dress, black leggings , sparkly trainers and purple socks. its a look!

Back to the cardi. A magical thing about this cardi is that the sleeves are cropped, I swear I knit mine in an evening. Only a small visit to sleeve island, maybe even just a boat ride past sleeve island. 

Overall I am so pleased with this cardigan I wish i had put the effort in and finished it earlier as it’s perfect for a cold summer evening. I feel this baby is going to get a lot of wear during the autumn, as long as we aren’t sent back into lockdown. 

If you fancy some dispersion I have that colourway still in stock at the moment. head over to the website. 

Technical information

Pattern Name Maema
Designer  Megan Nodecker
Ravelry Link
Alternative purchase source
Size made 2X
Needle size 3mm
guage  stitches and  rows = 10 cm
Total Meterage used 1819m 
Total weight of yarn used 428g


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