Knitting Inspiration for Super Chunky yarn in the spring

So i did a goof, I dyed super chunky yarn just as we are heading into the warmer weather, no one is thinking about being warm, are they?

Well let me show you a few ideas that may change your mind about using super chunky yarn in the spring. Especially this spring aw we head into week six of lock down in the UK. Lets fill our lives with speckles, splodges and neon smoosheyness.

girl in a really busy shop background throwing up two peace signs, she is wearing a sage green cable knit headband and a christmas pudding jumper
Winter Morning by Kalurah Hudson

I'm going to fight the case that its still cold. Whilst on our Government sanctioned dog walk in the evening, that wind is still nippy and I've been wearing my head band very frequently, YES i have my sandals on, but my ear tips need to be warm. I have knit two of these winter morning headbands by Kalurah Hudson and they are a great chuck in your pocket and go kinda item. Can i just add that a headband really helps hide my growing out undercut lock-down chic look. I cant decide if i'd go with the plain option of screwy or the multicoloured freakish? or one of each!

women looking to the ground on a white background with dark thick glasses and a scoop neck navy top her hair is up and has a mustard headband on
Image property of Destiny Meyer

I'm going to add another head band as this one would be perfect for wearing in the house. This Chunky Twist Headband by Destiny Meyer is so super simple and knit up in some neon speckled super chunky yarn would look amazing. I think Atypical would be the one i'd reach for.

two women standing back to back both wearing black tops with blonde hair and the same hat. the women on the rights hat is mint green, the women on the lefts hat is mustard
Image property of Amber Platzer Corcoran

I'm going to include this hat because one it looks amazing, two its a free pattern, and three i dont understand how a hat this size only uses 69 meters of yarn! Yes i agree its maybe a bit too warm for a hat, but maybe if you want to get a head start on your winter knitting? dare i say C word knitting? I think if this was for the winter box id be using Happy little faces but for now id go with screwy

I should add that the pattern is Neighborhood Holiday Hat by Amber Platzer Corcoran.

 a pair of legs in the air wearing skinny jeans  against a dark grey background. the feet have crochet slippers in a light grey

Image property of Adrienne Sullivan

Now my feet are always cold (apart from when i'm outside wearing sandals, what on earth LJ) currently i'm sat with a hot water bottle on my feet and its 14 degrees Celsius outside and its twenty past one. So i think a pair of Cloud Slippers by Adrienne Sullivan would be a great idea, especially since we are all at home scuffing to the fridge and or kettle every half an hour. i think id want something bright on my feet so id go for Atypical again. it'd make me smile every time i crawled out from under my blanket. I will add that our Super chunky singles is superwash merino and nylon, so will hold up to wearing on your feet and even a wash in the sink!

two crochet hot water bottles fanned ontop of each other on a wooden table top. the bottom one is mustard and the top one is mostly grey with a mustard bottom
Image property of Erica Smith

Lets go back to the fact that im sat with a hot water bottle on my feet. It used to be a beautiful white fluffy M&S water bottle cover, it has since lost its Velcro , hello burnt toes sometimes, sometimes i do it on purpose just to live on the edge. and its looking like, well, a matted grey mess thats been through the wash too many times. Its been on my make list FOREVER to knit a wee jazzy cover and i think this would be an excellent time. So if like me and you are working from home, or even just chilling on the sofa with animal crossing, a book or you current WIP this would be excellent to keep you toasty. This is the Hot Water Bottle Cozy by Erica Smith and i think any of the super chunky singles would look amazing.

a small very cute baby who is i think naked is wearing a light lemon hat with a big pompom
Image property of  Pixiepurls

I just had to add this wee hat ,Serendipity by Pixiepurls, I'm on a knitting kick for my soon to be new niece and i just think its SO CUTE to see wee babies in Neon or speckled knits, and even cuter when that knit is oversized. SO FLIPPING CUTE, so i think i need to add one of these to my knit list. God i really hope her Mum likes neon! i think personally id use freakish as its wild and babies can pull off wild, but if you arnt sure if the parent likes very colourful yarn, then id choose screwy or deviant, which is a more muted colourful. Does that even make sense?

Well i hope that has given you a few ideas for some superchunky yarn in the spring time. Its not all gloves and hats (well apart from that one time)

Check out our offerings of neon speckled super chunky singles

skein of super chunky yarn that has pink, green. blue and yellow neon speckles

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