How to knit in public during a pandemic

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So last week I had a bit of a dilemma, I was going to be visiting Ninewells hospital twice and knew I would be sitting in the waiting room for who knows how long. My anxiety of having to leave the house mixed with visiting the hospital two days in a row was messing with my face THEN add to that the logistics of taking my coping mechanism of knitting with me. My brain literally melted and then started overthinking.  Frantically googling how long Covid-19 lasts on surfaces, how many times should I wash my hands. should I have a dedicated hospital project that can then be left somewhere on its lonesome for like 30days.

I should add that one visit was to be Marks Gran's carer and just help her out, and the second was just a checkup for myself, nothing serious, just an outpatients appointment so no worrying, please. 

RIGHT my solution after I had run ALL the scenarios, and I mean ALL! thank you anxiety! 

an ikea ziplock bag containing a grey cake of yarn and a pattern sat on a car dashboard

  • Put your project in a ziplock bag and seal that sucker in.
  • pop it in your handbag/backpack what every carrier you are taking
  • Use every hand sanitiser station you seelilac backpack sat open where you can see the ziplock bag on the inside. the backpack is on someones knee who is wearing a blue dress with white tiny squares.
  • When you sit down at your socially distanced waiting room seat, keep your bag on your knee
  • pop open that zip lock bag and do yer knitting/crochet
  • when it is your turn, put your project back into the ziplock bag and close. 
  • so, in theory, the only outside thing your project is touching is your hands.
  • after appointment, use all the hand sanitiser on the way out. knitting pattern in an ikea ziplock bag on a car dashboard
  • If you are making something that requires you to reference the pattern, either put it in a separate baggie so you can lift it out and have a cheeky look
  • or put the pattern in the same bag as I did with the bit you need facing out to save sticking your hand in the bag and rubbing those bugs all over. 


Let's end this post with the fact that I had ZERO knitting time in the waiting room. So I thought my overthinking should be put to some use!

I should also say this is not a foolproof way to not get germs on your project, this is just the way that i felt would give me an extra layer of protection to not be bringing things into the house since we have worked so hard during this pandemic

 If you are looking for some yarn for that hospital project check out our guest base of BEEFED UP DOLL

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Stay safe. wash your hands.wear a mask!  

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