How to celebrate Palentines day

three women sitting on a sofa that is covered in a handmade pink and white quilt. the two on the right are wearing black dresses and the one on the left has a grey cardigan covering a light pink dress

Palentines day, yes its what it sounds like, a day to celebrate friends instead of the over commercial valentines day. Celebrated on the 13th of February and created by Parks and Recreations Lesley Knope (well Galentines, but its 2021 let’s be a bit more inclusive) 

So how will I be celebrating my wonderful pals this year?

old school selfie of three women. on the left is me. you can mostly see my bare arm im wearing a grey dress head tilted to the right. black rimmed glasses, dark hair pinned back so you can see my forehead. hannah is in the middle above morag. she is looking down at morag dark rimmed glasses. natural blonde hair green skein of yarn around her neck and a dark top. morag is at the bottom right of the photo. she is making a pouting face. you cant see much of her and her hair is covere with a purple skein of yarn

Step one

Well, the 13th just so happens to land on s Saturday, which is our movie night, so we will all be “together” that evening anyway. But instead of watsapping through the film, I am going to recommend a video chat, that may probably be vetoed because we like to look like potatoes while we watch films.

a skein of yarn is sitting diagonal to the image. it is orange and read wth some peach. really vibrant, also a small speckle of black. it is sitting ontop unowund yarn of the same colour

Step two

I am going to make up a little gift bag filled with treats and goodies and I feel maybe some hats and post them in time for the 13th. I have been knitting with my Freen colourway that I dyed for this occasion, so I’m not saying there maybe some knitted items in the boxes, but there totally will be, 

two women in the middle of the frame, flying like superman. the one in the back is me, and the one in the front is morag. we are in the city square in dundee on graduation day. both wearing our robes that are black with a blue and yellow hood

Step Three

Ok, this should probably be included in step two. But a good card. Everyone loves a card and I have to say Sugar and Sloths collection is just PERFECT if your friends have the same humour as mine.  I think the ‘Happy Valentines bellend' will be in my shopping cart.

two women sat on a bus. the one on the left is me, i am grinning like an idiot, wearing glasses, a blue top and dark grey shawl my hair is dark brown. Hannah is on the right wearing a green kaki jacket a rainbow coloured shawl glasses and bleach blonde hair

Step Four

Get into your cosiest Jammies, make a cuppa tea or something stronger get the snacks out and enjoy the movie. Normally our film choices are terrible, songbird I’m looking at you. But it’s so much fun to have something to do with my faves.


If you'd like some Palentines yarn follow this link here

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