Happy 2021

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I am stood in the middle of a park. there is a high hedge in the distance, the grass is green and the sky is very blue. I am wearing a bleach stained dress (on purpose) and a rainbow oversized cardigan. it starts at red on the bottom, works its way up the body through orange yellow and green. it gets to blue where the sleeeves join and then fnished in purple. the sleeves do the same kind of pattern. starting at red on the cuff and landing at blue where they join the body. I am dabbing because i am very cool. my hair is up in a little top knot cause covid hair.

Happy 2021

I can’t get my head around the fact that it is no longer 2020.

I saw a meme on Tumblr in December saying “no one will be putting the wrong date on anything in 2021”

Well, I have been. Worse than normal. What the heck.

I just wanted to check in on you. How are things with you? Did you manage to get a break over Christmas? We took a three-week break as the last quarter of 2020 was awful for us, you could probably tell by my absence.

I am one of those people who are in the mindset of new year, a fresh start, but again on Tumblr, I saw someone say. You can do a new week fresh start. New month fresh start. Blew my mind a little bit. Which seems so ridiculous but I am so used to the new year being a new start that I didn’t look at the smaller picture. 

oh its me again. walking in the woods. More covid hair top knots, a black and white and gold knitting headband is covering most of the hair mess. i have a mint green knitted shawl that is huge wrapped round my neck and i feel warm just looking at this, i look like a poser. HA

I was hyper-focused on making it to Christmas and getting a break, then being magically restored. Get to the new year, new year new me, let’s kick business ass, woooooo. When we are in another lockdown. The infection rate is getting higher. Mark and I only leave to go to Aldi once a week and take the dog out for a walk each evening about 7 pm in the pitch black out the back of Dundee. And I feel so paranoid about this virus.  The bad thing from the end of 2020 is ongoing and making me feel like a waste of space. My depression is kicking my butt and really can we not just hibernate. 

I need to get out of my head and start slowly coercing myself into 2021 and focusing on the good that’s happening. What do I want to achieve this year. What are we doing with the business. What the hell is going on. HA

Business-wise.I think I will bullet point this as it just makes sense

  • Start a subscription again. I have a few theme ideas so I need to flesh these out and see which one or more speaks to me.
  • I am looking at a new piece of equipment that I may use to set up a side, I hate this word, hustle
a man and his dog walking in the park. but the dog is being carried. The dog (arthur) is looking straight at the camera, he is a black and white cocker spaniel and most of his head is black with his muzzle being white and then a black nose. The man (mark) is looking off to the left looking through arthurs head. he is wearing a black leather jacked and has dyed grey hair.

Personal wise

  • I want to be more content. I’m so bad at focusing on what I haven’t done and I hate it. 
  • Redecorate the flat. Our bedroom is the same as it was when I was a student and needs a refresh. I have no idea how I want it to look though so that’s gonna take me forever. 
  • Pay off my credit card. It was paid off but then Arthur needed a super expensive CT scan, and even though he was insured, due to his age we had to pay 20% plus the excess which was A LOT of money. It would be good to get that gone. 
close up of a blue great danes face who is alseep. he has two cakes of yarn on his head. one ontop of the other. one is natural with pink and yellow and the top one is a storm grey. he also has a green project bag on his right handside. on his left infront of his nose you can see a green gauze bag which shows some multi coloured balls of tiny yarn inside and a multicoloured striped sock.

I will touch briefly on things I would like to craft as I feel that could be a whole separate blog post.  Overall I would love to use more of my stash. I did keep a track of what I bought and what I used in 2020 (blog post to follow) and I would like to buckle down and get even more used. Mostly so I have more space. But also to get some of that beautiful yarn into my wardrobe. I want to focus on garments. Ones that are super wearable and fit into my dress sense. I have worn my Maddie Harvey Ama sweater  (link to payhip) way more than I expected, so more of that style. More cardigans, cosy socks. I have a massive list of DIY id love to do, but I’m not sure if this is the place for that. OH and finish that WIP pile that has floated around for years. I did manage to get some completed over Christmas but there is still more, WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?! 

I'm going to be cheeky and drop a link to my newsletter here and suggest that you sign up so we can keep in touch. I email every ok most Wednesdays. You get first dibs on updates and often a bigger discount during sales than everyone else.         Sign up here

Well, I am going to leave this now. Thank you for indulging me on this almost brain dump, I want to keep it real with your peeps with what's going on and what I am thinking. 

Have you got any goals? Are you managing generally? Leave a comment and we can have a chat. 

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