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So if you follow me in ALL THE PLACES! You will know that in last weeks update we had a guest base that is a double knit sock yarn. The goal of this blog post is to give you some inspiration oh what socks you could knit with our beefed-up doll base

I will preface that I'm finding it hard to give alternative links to Ravelry not because oh my god its too hard to look, but so many designers only have their patterns on Ravelry. So what I think I will do from here on in is I will tell you its a Ravelry link or an alternative link, but if no alternative is possible I will leave an Instagram account for the designer so if you are desperate for a pattern and don't want to/can't go via Rav you could drop them a message there. I hope that works. 

Right, let us get on with this sock extravaganza. 

 Winter Sleep Socks by Helen Stewart

I'm going, to be honest. the whole guest base was for my benefit, and when I started on my sock pattern search I was looking mostly for socks that would be comfy and have a wee bit of leg, I like the idea of hand knit socks peeping out over my shoes (trainers, I don't wear shoes)These socks were the first ones that were the length I was looking for and then I saw that stitch pattern. oh, my word they look so smooshy. Also, Helen Stewarts patterns are always very well written so would always recommend.  

Alternative link -

 Spree Socks by Kemper Wray

I had to include these babies as I have knit this pattern before, its an excellent pattern makes a stunning pair of socks that will let your metal yarn do the talking. Note to self, finish the first pair from this pattern that you started! 

Alternative link - @wraybot on Instagram

Winter Weekend Socks by Shannon Squire

This designer has a heap of sock patterns that would work perfectly for our DK guest base. a wee trainer sock that again would show off any crazy yarn perfectly. Cute in a pair of crocs, cause I know we have all resorted to the comfy right?

DK Toe Up Brioche Socks by Lavanya Patricella
Now how could I not include these beauties? You would require two skeins of yarn but how warm would these keep your feet. Also a nice small project for brushing up on your brioche skills. Did I mention how comfy these look! 
Ravelry link -
Alternative link -

Simple DK Shortie Socks by Woolfield - Nicole Bracey

I know these are almost the same as a pair above, however, this pattern is free. so if you have blown the budget on the yarn, you don't have to save to get a cute pattern! always a win especially at the moment. 

Ravelry link -

Alternative link -

Madder about you by Andrea Yetman

The texture of this pair drew me in. I mean id even be tempted to dawn a sock and sandal combo just to show these off. 

Winter Storm Socks by Casapinka

I am going to finish off with this beautiful pair. again you will need two skeins but there is so much about these socks I love. a nice tight cable or 3, a nice length to keep my big old ankles warm and that bit of slouch just screams warm feet.  Have I ever mentioned I get really cold feet in the evenings? maybe once a blog post. 
Ravelry link -
Alternative link -  @casapinka on Instagram
So if any of these patterns have tickled your pickle and you need some smooshy double knit sock yarn, check out our guest base. 
button says in black double knit sock yarn to make you smile

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