Crochet Inspiration for Super Chunky yarn in the spring

As I was snuffling around Ravelry looking for some patterns to use with super chunky yarn, i was really excited to see such a good selection of crochet patterns that will work with our new super chunky singles, especially considering the yardage (70m /76yds)

side on view of a women with light blonde hair up in a high pony tail wearing an almost braided headband crocheted in very light cream yarn. she is wearing a black leather jacket
Image Property of Danielle Layman

This is the Braided Chunky Headband by Danielle Layman and it has shot to the top of my to make list. Dundee's weather has really changed in the last few days , HELLO SCOTLAND, and i feel that id get a little bit more respect on our government sanctioned dog walk wearing a neon speckled head band. I have totally saved a skein of Atypical for my own one, and once i have finished this baby jumper i'm working on I'll be on it!

very close up on a female face which is mostly covered by a white cowl that is crocheted
Image property of  Justyna Srock

So i know the rules are different for different places with the COVID-19 , but the other day the Scottish government suggested that if we are going to be in places where there will be a lot of people, i.e Tesco , we should wear a face covering, i.e a fabric mask, a scarf etc. and when i saw this cowl i thought that'd be a good idea. The temperatures are still low enough to have a cowl, you can haul it up over your face holes when needed,and its less obvious if you feel self conscious about wearing a mask. My sensible jacket is a dark navy so id pair that with a skein of blue Screwy. In our family there was always a thing about matching your jacket. I should also say the pattern is Herringbone Cowl by Justyna Srock.

two light grey crochet slippers with dark black soles one resting ontop of the other. sat on an outside path surrounded by grass
Image property of Jen Causley

As i said last week my feet are always cold. Especially when i have been sat working at my desk for a wee bit. I have some fantastic slippers that i scuff about in, but they aren't very flexible and i like to buckle my feet into weird positions when i'm sitting (DON'T JUDGE!) when i saw these Quick and Chunky Slippers by Jen Causley i was happy as they are a great shape, the pattern is free, and my size has the right yardage. And again who doesn't want Neon slippers on their feet. I think id do these in a skein of Deviant there is plenty dark colours in there that will hide any dirt and dog hair, alongside some nice wee speckles of colour. COSY FEETS!

a left hand on a white background wearing a very vibrant blue fingerless hand warmer
Image property of Cecilia Losada

I'm going to include these Ines Mittens by Cecilia Losada . As i keep saying there is still a nip in the air, well definitely up here in Dundee, its a really cute simple pattern, and its free, so it would be a bad one to have in your repertoire just in general. cold hands typing, these would keep them snugly. I got into trouble for mentioning the C word last blog you know, i wont. but its an option. I think these would look great in any colour, but i enjoy a dark glove so id probably choose happy little faces.

a really light cream baby hat with two tiny bear ears being held up against a white wall
image property of Sierra Tosner

this hat is so blooming cute, its the Baby Bear Hat by Sierra Tosner . I have been knitting up bits for my soon to be new niece and when i saw this i had to add it to the list. She will look ADORABLE in this (yes i know she isn't out yet but still) Our super chunky singles is superwash with nylon so it should (i haven't put any in my machine yet to test it so take this at your own risk until i try) be fine to throw in a wash, and i really do think babies look amazing in hand dyed yarn. I'd do this in a skein of Freakish i'm really not a traditional baby colour person and i feel this is very un-baby.

a green tea cosy in the shape of a little round cactus with little pink flowers on the top. being modelled by a white teapot with a cup of tea and a biscuit in the bottom of the image
Image property of Nguyen Le

OK so the next few posts are a bit frivolous but sometimes you just need a bit of crochet just because its fun right? I thought this cactus tea cosy was so cute, and would be so quick to whip up. If i was to buy new yarn to make it id absolutely use the colours above, but i think if i was to use our super chunky singles and have a neon speckled tea cosy (because again who doesn't need that in their life!) i would just make the body and not the flowery top. Id deffo use Atypical for this, no question! The pattern is Cactus Tea Cozy by Nguyen Le

a baby pink crochet bunny with a big shiny black eye being held up against a white wall
image property of Valerie Church

a chunky rabbit! Chubby Bunny by Valerie Church i mean, do i have to explain myself!

two crochet baskets of different sizes in a dark blue colour. the one at the back holds face cloths, the one at the front makeup maybe? there is also a vase of flowers in the back, daisy looking and on the right i think its a laptop
Image property of Hobbii Design

I'm going to finish off with these wee baskets, Ribbon Basket - Oval by Hobbii Design . I'd say this is definitely a stash buster project than a buy a skein for (i shouldn't say that should i) but i think these would be so handy on my desk to catch all the wee bits that float about, stitch markers, things, stuff! If you did want to buy a skein of yarn just because and turn it into these baskets i think you would win with any colour of the super chunky singles. NEON SPECKLES FOR THE WIN!

I really hope that tickled your crochet muscle and justified a yarn purchase, or enabled some stash diving. Remember to tag me on whatever social media you like to let me see what you made!

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a skein of neon speckled superchunky yarn on a white background. its a natural coloured yarn with pink, yellow and blue speckles

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